PHOTO BOOTH: Corporate, Tradeshow, Festival

Long-Term Leases for as little as $10 per day, shipping NATIONWIDE!

The SOCIAL Photo Booth taking the event industry by storm.  Perfect for any Corporate Event, Trade show, Festival, Grand Opening, or simply looking to build Brand Awareness.

With any business, word of mouth is the number one form of advertisement.  That is why our SOCIAL Photo Booth is unmatched when doing any form of comparative cost analysis.

Our concept is simple:

  1. An individual comes into your event or place of business, shares their photo/gif/boomerang with your branded border
  2. Their friends see said post on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Text, or Email.
  3. Friends like to do what Friends do, after all if they did not have similar likes, they most likely would not be friends.
  4. Your bottom line increases, and you receive weekly Analytics showing your impressions.
  5. Best yet, you retain all client data (Name, Email, Cell) to contact at a later date.

  • 100% self-sufficient, with no attendant required.  Our team monitors and maintains remotely.
  • Custom branded attract screens on the iPad, branded borders, and Microsite/Gallery for your event or place of business.
  • Ability to easily swap out new set of graphics when needed.
  • Ability to take Still Images, Video, and Gif with branded border.
  • Ability to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as text and email.
  • Ability to capture user’s data.
  • Ability to post to Business Facebook page.
  • Will receive digital photo/gif/boomerang link for instant download.
  • Analytic report with impressions, highest shared photo, etc. delivered weekly.
  • Long-Term Discounts available (Automatically applied during checkout)

Our Innovative Photo Booth Features

Cloud Based

Our team monitors each event remotely, and are available for anything that might arise.

Set-up will only take minutes and you will have an elegant enterprise level Photo Booth with equally matched customer service.

Looking for customized E-mails, SMSes, Microsites and  photo templates? No Problem!  We offer a complete customized experience.  Contact us for more info!

Photo Booth

Express your Event

With every Wedding, Party, or Event, you have the option of choosing from our awesome pre-made templates, or creating a fully customized experience through either providing your own graphics or working with our in-house graphic artists for your backgrounds, custom emails and microsites.


Microsites are the heart of our sharing process.  Once an attendee has their photo/video taken they have the option to text or email the link to the microsite which they can then share from their personal device until their heart is content.  Did we mentioned the Microsite is fully branded because changing a background
colour and logo just isn’t enough.

Text Message

E-mails & Text messages

Send text messages as well as fully branded emails to guests. Our software integrates all these features seamlessly, and best of all, they’re no extra charge!

Plus all these additional features

GIF  takes a series of photos and compiles them into a single stop animation which can be shared via social media, email or SMS.

Allow your guests to select a background and then be instantly placed on that background in real time. GIF and Burst can be added to green screen to create GIF/Burst, green screen animations.

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Burst takes a series of photos rapidly and then reverses the animation to give it an extra wow factor at your event.


Transform your event!