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SOCIAL Photo Booth

Sleek, brandable, social, and simple to use. Our unmanned Selfie Stand photo booths are perfect for large and/or multi-day events and can be activated at conferences, expos, music festivals, and retail locations for incredible brand exposure and online engagement. Available nationwide!

  • Photo Booth

    Modern Design

    Designed with simplicity in mind, our Selfie Stands fit in aesthetically at any event and have a small footprint.

  • Custom Branding

    Everything is brandable. We can brand the kiosk, app interface, photos, galleries, and more!

  • Photo Booth

    Social Sharing

    Take a photo or GIF and share it via text message or email right from the stand.

  • Photo Booth

    Multi-Day Rentals

    Whether it’s a multi-day or multi-month event, our Selfie Stands are designed for extended use.



Here are all the customizations and features available with rentals.


Every SOCIAL Photo Booth lease includes the customization of the app interface which ensures your brand is at the forefront of the photo-taking experience. Using the Selfie Stand is as simple as walking up to it, tapping the screen, and waiting for the countdown. Once the photo or GIF is captured, guests will be prompted to share their photo experience along with your brand message, hashtag, and/or logo included. Guests share via text message or email so they quickly and securely post it to the social media platforms of their choice!


Every photo or GIF taken with the SOCIAL Photo Booth can be customized. We can change the layout, colors, and branding message of all Selfie Stand photos on the fly, thanks to cloud-based software. That means, for example, that when your concert tour moves from New York to Chicago, we can update the branding to be city-centric all the way from our offices in Greenville, SC.


People love immediate and simple access to their photos. Our software has the ability to share the photos and GIFs directly with the user via text message or email.

On top of sharing their images, our team can help you set up your SOCIAL Photo Booth rental to include data capture and analytics to help optimize the performance of your marketing campaign or event outreach effort.


On top of the actual sharing, we’re able to gather analytics to determine the number of photos taken, how and where they were shared, hashtag usage stats, and all captured leads. Ask us about this event option and we can work with you to capture and analyze the data you need.