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NEW FEATURE – Advanced Vision Analytics

Here at PLATOON Photo Booth we thoroughly LOVE what we do, and are continually aiming to transform the Photo Booth industry.  After all, since Photo Booths are what we do, we had better be good at it.  That is where our ‘Bubba Gump’ inspired slogan “We love Red Photo Booths, Green Photo Booth, White Photo Booths, Red Photo Booths” originates.

Thus with our constant drive to improve, we are able to bring you a feature that we believe is super cool with a little bit of technological magic.  This feature will help individual find all their photos quickly for posting as well as give businesses a more thorough look at who their clients are.

Here’s how it works

Advanced Vision Analytics

Using an advanced vision analytics algorithm we process and identify key facial features in photos taken by PLATOON Photo Booth.

This provides valuable information about your guests, such as gender, age, and number of guests in images captured at your event.

Our advanced vision analytics algorithm also stores mathematical facial markers which allows PLATOON Photo Booth to perform face searches.

From the gallery sites, guests will be able to capture a photo of themselves as a reference and our system will identify and show all the photos that the guest appear in.

What it all means

So to break down this really cool feature, it basically allows users to find all the photos they were in within the gallery, so no more scrolling through page after page, and it also gathers more detailed analytics such as gender, age range, etc. to help businesses narrow their marketing tactics.

As always, our team here at PLATOON Photo Booth is here for your event, wedding, or venue install and committed to making your event successful.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all through our contact page!

Advanced Vision Analytics


Transform your event!

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