In a new market innovation, PLATOON Photo Booth is the very first Photo Booth rental company to offer an optional damage waiver program to its customers. We are continually developing innovative options for our renters like the Photo Booth HD subscription shipping program.

Since the introduction of the damage waiver, one of the most common requests we’ve received is to offer additional levels of coverage that protect against theft and situations where a total loss occurs. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t financially possible for us to offer such a program at a price that made sense for our customers, but we never stopped working on it.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce the Insurance+ and InsuranceHD protection plans! In addition to providing our renters the additional coverage options they want, we think we’ve succeeded in setting the prices so they’re an absolute value for everyone.

Meet Insurance+ and InsuranceHD

Photo Booth


Add Insurance+ to your next order to guard against accidental damage, or upgrade to InsuranceHD for wider coverage and theft protection.

The Insurance protection plans are optional add-ons that limit your liability in the case of a covered event causing damage or total loss of products on your rental.

Simply, if a covered event occurs to equipment protected by a Insurance plan, your liability is limited to the lesser of the cost to repair the equipment or 10% of the replacement cost.

No Protection


100% Liability
Deposit or Certificate of Insurance Required



10% Liability
Bear Attacks

What is Covered by the Standard Insurance+ Plan?

Effectively, the standard Insurance+ protection plan replaces the pre-existing PLATOON Damage Waiver program and covers accidental damage to our equipment as long as you can return it to us.

In the case of damage, your liability will never exceed 10% of the replacement cost of the damaged equipment, no matter how expensive the repair actually is.

What is Covered by the InsuranceHD Plan?

InsuranceHD offers the same protection as the standard plan for accidental damage to the equipment, but additionally protects you against certain situations that make it impossible to return the equipment that you rented.

Was the equipment stolen? You’re covered. Is it at the bottom of the ocean after it fell overboard? You’re covered. Did it get sucked up in a tornado? You’re covered. Did it fall off an aircraft (seriously)? You’re covered.

Just like with the standard Insurance+ plan, your liability is limited to 10% of the replacement value of the covered equipment.

For full information on both plans, please view our FAQ and Rental Agreement.